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Co-Founder of Syria Scholar. Syria Scholar aims to bring the academic communities in the UK and Syria closer together, and to give talented Syrian students the chance to receive teaching similar in style to the Oxbridge system of supervisions and tutorials.


The teaching model allows UK educators to deliver presentations in real time using their own teaching slides with live audio. There are facilities for 2-way video conferencing for practical teaching, interactive functions and lecture recording for future viewing which is especially useful for tutorials in clinical medicine.

Our tutors have graduated from Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College London and have been affiliated with Harvard Medical School. They have considerable background in teaching and education and are keen to help students in Syria studying medicine, biomedical sciences and pharmacology.

Syria Scholar is the proud winner of Oxtalent 2015, Outreach and Public Engagement Award – University of Oxford

You can read the full case report here

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  • Oxtalent 2015 Awards
    Oxtalent 2015 Awards