Clinical Lecturer in Neurology & Neurosciences

I am a Clinical Lecturer in Neurology and Neurosciences at The University of Oxford and a JRF at The Queen’s College, Oxford. I trained in clinical medicine at Imperial College London and completed a DPhil at Oxford University as a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow. My research interests are in Cognitive Neurology and Translational Clinical Neurosciences. I have a strong interest in medical technology and I am also an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, health innovation consultant and preventative medicine advocate. I am currently studying the mechanisms of motivation and memory in health and neurodegenerative diseases and aim to develop novel strategies for early detection, risk stratification and prevention of cognitive decline in early stage dementia.

From a personal point of view I love graphic design, web development and racket sports. I also have a keen entrepreneurial side and use this in various educational projects that I organise and run, with the aim of increasing access to medical education in less privileged countries.


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